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smelting waste heat boiler

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In the metal smelting production process, the energy consumption of the sintering process accounts for 10% of the total energy consumption, second only to the ironmaking process, ranking

Of the total energy consumption of the second sintering process, nearly 50% of the heat energy is discharged into the atmosphere in the form of sensible heat from sintering flue gas and cooler exhaust gas. The waste heat recovery of the fusion cooler is achieved by recycling the tailings wind box of the sintering machine and the flue gas heating waste heat boiler of the upper closed section of the sintering cooling section to recover and utilize low-grade waste heat energy, combined with low-temperature waste heat power generation technology, using waste heat boilers Superheated steam is used to promote a complete set of energy-saving technologies for low-parameter steam turbine generators to generate power. Successfully solved the problems of easy dust accumulation, easy wear, and air leakage of waste heat boilers. At the same time, this series of boilers has a certain adaptability to flue gas temperature and flue gas dust. This type of waste heat boiler can reduce the energy consumption of the sintering process and reduce the waste of resources. The cost has thus been effectively reduced.


1. To prevent slagging and ash blocking, the header is arranged outside the flue to reduce the ash accumulation structure and increase the pipe spacing and pipe wall distance on the heating surface.
2. In the area where the heating surface of the boiler is easy to wear, the anti-wear structure is adopted to reduce the problem of local wear and dust accumulation
3. Modular structure, the heating surface and the outer frame form a tube box, which is assembled and shipped as a whole, and it is easy to install on site. Prevent dust accumulation.
4. A closed chamber is used to cool the sintering, and the good air tightness makes the air leakage rate close to zero. Processing quality.
5. The temperature of the hot exhaust gas is stable, and the temperature of the hot exhaust gas at the outlet of the cooler maintains a relatively high level of 450-550°C. Boiler efficiency
6. It is used as a supporting detection device to feedback and adjust the flow of hot exhaust gas to reduce temperature fluctuations of the hot exhaust gas and less ash sedimentation.

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