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  • SKID mounted thermal oil boiler

    SKID mounted thermal oil boiler

    Product Introduction Packaged boiler (or skid-mounted boilers), also known as quick-installed boilers, are a value-added service provided by our company that is convenient for users to install on site. The integrated boiler is relative to the traditional bulk boiler. After the production of traditional bulk boilers is completed in the factory, the boiler body and various components are transported to the site and then assembled; while the complete boiler, in addition to the basic components, ...
  • natural gas & oil fired hot water boiler

    natural gas & oil fired hot water boiler

    Features 1 Adopting horizontal full wet back structure, the overall layout is compact, beautiful and generous, and high thermal efficiency. 2Using slight positive pressure operation, which effectively improves the combustion intensity of the furnace, makes the boiler of the same capacity smaller, eliminates the air leakage of the furnace and flue of the boiler, and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler. 3 External-integrated fin-tube economizer, compact structure, convenient maintena...
  • natural gas & oil fired steam boiler

    natural gas & oil fired steam boiler

    Features 1.With the horizontal type,wetback and three-back haul structure design,boiler has a compact structure,reasonable layout and good-looking appearance. 2.With the finned tube economizer arrangement on the tail,boiler has a compact shape for the smaller boiler room. 3.The boiler is design with the reasonable heating surface structure so as to effectively control the smoke resistance. 4.The smoke box adopts the unique step-in system so as to facilitate the maintenance. 5.The boiler is eq...
  • electrical heating steam boiler

    electrical heating steam boiler

    Features Safety 1.Leakage protection: When the boiler leaks, the power supply will be cut off in time through the leakage circuit breaker to ensure personal safety. 2.Water shortage protection: When the boiler is short of water, cut off the heating tube control circuit in time to prevent the heating tube from being damaged by dry burning. At the same time, the controller sends out a water shortage alarm. 3.Steam overpressure protection: When the boiler steam pressure exceeds the set upper lim...