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YLW coal fired thermal oil boiler structure and thermal insulation

coal fired thermal oil boiler structure and thermal insulation

  1. YLW organic heat medium boilers are the horizontal type compositional liquid forced circulation boilers. The furnace radiant heating surface locates in the front of furnace body and consists of monolayer closely-arranged (the inner sparse-arranged coils and outer closely-arranged coils) coils. The convection heating surface locates at the back of furnace body and consists of snakelike coils. The boiler comprises the upper body and the below combustor (chain grate stoker) and can be assembled on construction site; and behind the heater is the waste heat boiler (air pre-heater). The fuel burns sufficiently and forms the high temperature flue gas, the energy of which is mostly absorbed by the radiant heating surface; and then it passes through the waste heat boiler (air pre-heater) to release heat further, then passes the dust collector; it is finally sent into funnel by induced draft fan and discharged into atmosphere.
  2. The heating surface consists of the monolayer (double layer) coils so as to lay out enough heating area; such design reduces not only the resistance of the medium inside the heater but also the thermal load on the coil surface so as to ensure the safer usage of the heat transfer oil.
  3. With the special design on the fire grate and furnace arch, the boiler can achieve independent regulation on air volume, which makes the sufficient and full combustion. It can use a wide range of coal as fuel.


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Post time: Apr-01-2022