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chemical waste heat boiler

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The waste heat boiler is an ideal high-efficiency energy-saving equipment used in the fertilizer, chemical industry (especially methanol, ethanol, methanol, and ammonia) industries. According to the characteristics of waste heat flue gas in this industry, the waste heat boilers developed by our company mainly include vertical and tunnel type natural circulation waste heat boilers. The “three wastes” are the general term for waste gas, liquid waste, and solid waste, and are also used for fertilizers. The general term for waste gas, waste slag, waste ash, etc. generated in the production process of product manufacturing and coal chemical industry; such as purge gas, blow gas, gas generating slag, sedimentation tank coal slime, etc. Mixed furnace heat boiler and blow gas waste heat Boilers are ideal high-efficiency energy-saving equipment used in the fertilizer and chemical industries (especially methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, and synthetic ammonia) industries. With the production of chemical products such as urea and synthetic ammonia, a large amount of low-calorific value fuels will be generated for reasonable and efficient utilization. , Then these low-calorific value fuels are mixed with coal to be used as fuel, and finally steam with the required parameters is generated through a co-fired furnace and a supporting waste heat boiler. The Shere boiler produced by our company adopts a modular design concept. Internal prefabrication can ensure product quality and greatly shorten the on-site installation cycle. The boiler is designed with a single drum natural circulation structure, and the flue gas enters the boiler through the water cooling panel, superheater, convection tube bundle, soft water heater and air preheater in turn After cooling, it is sent to the desulfurization and dust removal system. Combining with the current problems in the boiler operation in the industry, we have taken the following measures

1. The boiler adopts a fully enclosed structure, which fully meets the positive and negative pressure operation, and there is no flue gas leakage;
2. The boiler is specially designed to truly adapt to high and low load operation, avoiding the phenomenon of insufficient superheated steam temperature or overheating damage to the superheater
3. The design of the tail device of the system considers the problem of low temperature corrosion to ensure the long-term safe operation of the system


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