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Carbon waste heat boiler

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This series of boilers is a new type of carbon calciner flue gas waste heat boiler developed by our company. It adopts a single drum and vertical layout. The dust-containing flue gas is connected to the desulfurization and dust removal system after passing through the water-cooled settling chamber, the superheating furnace body system, and the soft water heater.

After entering the boiler, the high-temperature flue gas first enters the flue gas settling chamber formed by the water-cooled membrane wall system. Its main function is to reduce the flue gas temperature, thereby reducing the metal wall temperature of the superheater and avoiding over-temperature burnout. The superheater is a horizontally suspended structure, divided into a high temperature section and a low temperature section, and adopts a surface or water spray uniform temperature desuperheater. The convection tube bundles are arranged in series, and a plurality of baffles are used to baffle the flue gas, so as to improve the flue gas flow and form a lateral scour, which improves the heat transfer capacity of the convection tube bundle. The economizer adopts a serpentine tube, which is flushed horizontally, and is arranged in multiple stages. The load of the economizer can be adjusted according to production needs. The tail of the economizer is made of alloy steel material, which is resistant to low-temperature sulfuric acid corrosion, which greatly extends the service life of the equipment. The last-stage economizer can be installed on the outside of the boiler body, which is convenient for maintenance or replacement. This type of boiler has a small footprint, saves civil construction investment, and the system has excellent heat exchange effects. It is an ideal choice for waste heat recovery boilers in the carbon industry.


1. Vertical inverted "N" layout, compact structure, flue gas enters from the upper part of the steel furnace, high flue gas temperature and large steam production.
2. The light tube economizer is adopted, which has high mechanical strength, impact resistance, strong load adaptability, and easy system layout and operation.
3. Membrane water wall structure, high heat transfer efficiency, good sealing performance, solve the problems of large air leakage and high heat loss.
4. Reserve SCR denitrification space at the appropriate temperature section of the boiler to meet the environmental protection emission requirements of flue gas.
5. The pulse wave soot blower can effectively reduce the pollution of fly ash to the heating surface of the boiler and ensure the efficiency of the boiler.


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