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Boiler Chain Grate

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Function introduction of chain grate

Chain grate is a kind of mechanized combustion equipment, which is widely used. The function of the chain grate is to allow the solid fuel to burn evenly.

The combustion method of the chain grate is a moving fire bed combustion, and the fuel ignition condition is “limited ignition”. The fuel enters the chain grate through the coal hopper, and enters the furnace with the movement of the chain grate to start its combustion process. Therefore, compared with reciprocating furnace, vibrating furnace and boiling furnace, chain grate has higher requirements on coal quality. The mechanical coal throwing furnace is basically a layer-fired grate with infinite fire, and the adaptability to the coal quality is relatively wide.

Function characteristics of different types of chain grate

There are mainly three types of grate types and structural forms of chain grate boilers: chain grate grate, scale grate and beam grate.

1. The function characteristics of chain belt type chain grate

The name comes from its shape, which looks like a chain belt, a wide endless chain belt in series, which is surrounded by sprockets and supported on the front and rear axles. Therefore, it is called a chain belt grate. At present,quick-loading chain grate boilers mainly use large-block chain grate grate, with a tonnage range of 1~20 tons/hour.

2. Function characteristics of scale chain grate

The scale type grate has many advantages, the obvious one is less coal leakage, the scales can be replaced without the need to stop the furnace, the ventilation is uniform, the ventilation section is relatively small (6%), the chain grate pieces subjected to high temperature are not stressed, and the tensile force The chain is not subject to high temperature, which improves the working conditions of the chain grate.

3. The function characteristics of beam type chain grate

The main feature of the beam type boiler grate is that it can expand the width and length in a wide range to make the tonnage of the boiler larger. At present, the tonnage of the domestic beam type chain grate boiler can reach 240 tons/hour. At the same time, the grate has a long service life and is durable. Durable, flat arrangement, more convenient to replace.

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